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Cheap tequila and cheaper beer
those are the things I find in here
and that which keeps me oh so near
god damn, she's a bad bitch
I can only hope to fuck her.

11/14/07 - Chicago

Went to the Chicago symphony orchestra who performed Handel's water music followed by a Hayden trumpet concerto and concluded with his 90th symphony. I got a student rush ticket for $15 and sat second row stage left above the symphony.....close enough that during the mezzo piano sections I could hear the conductor humming a and grunting. it was an amazing performance that had me on the edge of my seat. the hall however, despite some great acoustics seemed old and worn...that aside though, the concert was on a Wednesday and the house was at least half full....i'd say there were as may people there as any weekend concert that Ive ever been to at the fwso. impressive. I think i'm going to like Chicago.

The things I've done....

I think of all the the things i've done....all of the illegal activities, the drugs, married women...all of the stupid shit....and I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation or luck.....for example, driving a pound of weed from austin to fort worth or as I was finishing fucking a stripper she told me that her boyfriend was on his way over and that I should probably go "he'll be here in 15 minutes and he'll be really pissed off if he sees you here." or taking a valium every hour, a beer every 30 minutes and a joint every ten....I mean fuck, I could have died...instead I just pissed all over myself and passed out....or another equally intelligent evening filled with a fuck ton of coke, several grams of hydroponically grown mushrooms, beer, whiskey, and of course....the ganja....I remember laying on by back, unable to walk and time going by really fucking slow.....or as an 18 year old, hyper aggressive driving 115 miles an hour to work...I noticed that when you go almost twice as fast as the other cars, they seem to be standing still.....or the time we took a fully-automatic machine gun to a field off of highway ten....I pulled the triger and sprayed bullets everywhere due to not anticipating the strong kick.....or breaking into an old large abandoned church in the middle of the day with no clue who or what we might have encountered inside......or fucking my first wife two or three times a day for about six months without protection, insurance, or the desire to have kids.....i'm fucking lucky to be alive, std free, without children, and 100 percent void of any type of jail record.